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Short version: Hire Casey right now. Hire her before she books up, because she will. Hire her because you need her as your ally and advocate during your pregnancy, labor, delivery and immediate postpartum period. She is worth every single penny you will invest in working with her. Here's why....

Long version:

More than a Doula
I thought I knew what doulas did. Then I met Casey and realised there should be another word to describe the service Casey provides because it is so much more than the average Doula. Casey was so professional, present, helpful, incredibly thorough and level headed during our entire pregnancy as well as our labor and delivery process. Casey showed up emotionally and physically and logistically *from the moment we signed a contract* -- helping us navigate pandemic complications, hospital policies, body image challenges and so much more -- during all three trimesters of my pregnancy.

Personalized Care
Casey spent my entire pregnancy getting to really know me and my partner so that when we were in the thick of things during labor and delivery, she was able to tailor her approach to exactly the way we make decisions and absorb information. Casey was the conductor and the hospital staff were the musicians. One of my favorite things Casey did was clear the room for 10 minutes before I began to push so my husband and I could have 10 minutes alone before becoming a family of three. I still tear up remembering those precious, sacred moments. Casey is the perfect balance of commanding and kind, direct and sensitive, intuitive and practical.

Long Term Benefits
I have a better relationship with myself, my body, my partner and my baby because of Casey's presence in our lives during my pregnancy.


Emily G

I have known and worked with Casey for the last 4 years and I am so grateful she agreed to be my doula. Her experience, support, and humor was invaluable during a longer and harder labor than I expected.
People often ask me what the difference is between a midwife and doula, well here are some of the things that Casey did for me:
- pregnancy care package to help get me though the last few weeks
- regular check-ins via text that made me laugh, smile (and sometimes cry) on a weekly basis both pre and post baby
- frequent phone calls in early labor
- wash my amniotic fluid soaked pants
- stay by my side for 18 hours despite lulls in labor when she could have easily gone home
- work seamlessly with my medical team to support me during challenging decisions
- remind me how strong I am when I doubted myself
- capture some of the first moments of Bayla's life on film
- more and more than I knew I needed

Iana E

If you are lucky enough to be having a baby when Casey has availability, book her. That’s it, that’s the review.

From the minute I first reached out to her, Casey had no limit on her time, attention, and knowledge/resources. I appreciated the inclusivity displayed on her website and from the first phone call I felt like I was talking with an old friend. We signed a contract with her the same day that she found out that DC hospitals were only allowing 1 support person (not exempting doulas) due to COVID. It’s noteworthy that this was a day before the policy became official; Casey is tapped into a great network of birth workers who keep her in the loop. We spent the second half of my pregnancy terrified of —but also preparing for— virtual doula support in labor. Luckily, a few weeks before my due date, our hospital changed its policy (thanks in part to her advocacy work). I knew doulas were essential before ever giving birth, but since actually doing it I am absolutely convinced that I would not have survived without her.

Casey gave my partner and I the tools, confidence, and language to get through the toughest experience of our lives. She knew what to do and when to do it. She knew how to support my partner in supporting me. She knew exactly how to encourage me based only on a handful of Zoom and phone call meetings. I saw her advocate on my behalf when we felt that I wasn’t getting timely attention during a shift change. She encouraged me to communicate my internal dialogue with my care team so that my mental and emotional health were taken into account in addition to my physical progress. She gave my partner time to rest and sent him out for a snack when she saw he needed a break. She kept our tanks full: she was constantly filling water bottles and providing calories as a means of fueling for the long haul. And for 36 hours she was totally in it with us, and helped me do the impossible.

When things went off track immediately after birth, I remember clearly that she stayed either by my side or by my partner+baby’s side constantly. She made sure that I understood what was happening and was giving informed consent despite the urgency in the situation. She took photos to ensure that we have images of the first moments and hours of our child’s life. She stayed until things stabilized, then checked in frequently in the days and weeks that followed to make sure I was doing okay. She’s made sure that we process a difficult labor and traumatic postpartum in ways that make me/us feel strong and powerful. We know we made the best decisions with the information we had along the way, and that is empowering.

If it’s your first child and you’re wondering if you need a doula in labor, I can’t recommend it enough. (If it’s not your first child, I still recommend it, I just can’t imagine why you’re doing this again!) Casey is as knowledgeable, compassionate, inclusive, and empathetic as it gets and you’ll be lucky to have her as part of your birth plan and story.

Jen C

I recommend Casey to everyone I know who is pregnant. Casey is a source of support, knowledge and kindness. With compassion and expertise Casey jumped right into helping in the labor process and was exactly what I needed, she listened and used her expertise to support me. I am so grateful to Casey. She knows what she is doing, she loves it and she used that passion to transform my birth experience into a very empowering and positive memory. Don't hesitate to reach out to her, you will not regret it.

Bridget F

Casey supported my husband and me through my 44-hour labor and delivery every step of the way. In a process that went differently than expected in almost every way imaginable, Casey was our rock — providing not only comfort measures and information, but humor and compassion as well. She helped me advocate for myself when I wasn’t getting the care I needed (failed epidurals) and navigate care I hadn’t expected to receive (developing preeclampsia while in labor). In the days after my difficult birth, Casey continued to check in to make sure we were on the road to recovery and to ease my worries about initial breastfeeding challenges. When my husband and I tell friends our birth story, he likes to say he would take a non-lethal bullet for Casey. That’s how vital she was to the process. I am forever grateful for her role in bringing our daughter into the world and would recommend her to anyone planning to give birth.

Jess H

I cannot say enough positive things about Casey. As an L&D nurse at the hospital where I delivered, I had experience working with Casey in a professional setting prior to hiring her as my doula. My midwives also highly recommended her over and over and insisted that I work with her for my own birth. After my very first conversation with her, I knew without a doubt she was the right fit for me. This was my first baby and, despite my knowledge of labor and delivery, it was the first time I would be experiencing all the feelings and experiences of pregnancy and birth. Additionally, it was important to me that someone was there to ensure my husband did not get lost along the way -- it is easy for providers to direct all their attention and conversation to me, using medical terms, and forget to address him and his needs. Casey spoke to this concern of mine without me even needing to bring it up and that was so important to me. At first, he was nervous about seeing the delivery and cutting the umbilical cord. But Casey helped him feel so empowered that he assisted the midwife in the delivery of our baby!

Throughout the end of my pregnancy, Casey stayed in touch with me regularly, checking in to see how I was feeling both physically and emotionally. Knowing I would delivery in the midst of a global pandemic was overwhelming. When I learned that Casey would no longer be able to be at my delivery in-person, I was even more overwhelmed and devastated. But Casey never skipped a beat. She met with us virtually to teach my husband some strategies to help comfort me during labor and made sure that we had all the tools we needed for a smooth hospital delivery. She even let us borrow her hiking backpack so that we could fit everything into one bag since my husband would not be allowed to leave the unit once we arrived. She assured me that she would be there to labor at home with me as long as possible and would be with us every step of the way via phone and facetime. And she was. When my water broke on Saturday evening, I contacted Casey and she talked me through the initial steps. I ended up going into labor pretty quickly and headed to the hospital before Casey could even make it to my house. But she never left us hanging -- she stayed on facetime with me the entire time. When I got to the hospital, I got an epidural and she encouraged me to rest while I could, but she checked in with me every hour throughout the entire night. She reminded me to change positions and had my husband do all sorts of things to help me progress and help me maintain some movement in my legs. She was there with us throughout the entire process of pushing on Sunday morning, which took several hours because I needed to take a lot of breaks due to pain control issues. She remained with us after delivery to help with the initiation of the first breastfeeding. After delivery, she touched base with us that evening and several times throughout the first couple weeks. She was a godsend. I am so grateful to have had Casey there with me, even if it was only virtually. Of course I would have rather had her there in-person, but she handled the ever-changing environment with such poise and grace and that helped me to feel more at ease throughout the process as well. I truly believe that Casey's physical and emotional support throughout my pregnancy, delivery, and initial postpartum was crucial to my success and wellbeing. I am forever grateful to her for all that she did for my family and me and will definitely have her there with me (hopefully in-person!) for all my future babies! Thank you, Casey!

Kelley R

Words cannot begin to capture how grateful I am for Casey. My wife and I originally found her on Instagram (a millennials’ networking hotbed!) and fell in love with her work from afar. After reaching out rather last minute (at 31 weeks pregnant), we couldn’t believe that Casey opened her books for us around the holiday given that our baby was due 12/12. We were looking for someone who was open, affirming and had experience working with lesbian couples. Casey fit the bill to the max. Her familiarity with the LGBTQ community was icing on the cake. We came to know that Casey is incredibly personable, professional and thorough. Among many other things, she is widely knowledgeable of baby positioning issues/remedies/exercises and on several occasions she actually saved my pregnancy. I am not joking - Casey instructed me on how to (successfully!) do a particular pelvic rotation to help my baby move his hand away from his face prior to labor... and after an unexpected and non-emergent hospital transfer from birthing center, Casey helped me (successfully!) move into several positions to help my asynclitic-positioned baby into an ideal birthing position. I still wonder if she wasn’t there with us - how different would my birth story have been? Wow. Casey is just fantastic and really offers a full scope of service including prenatal and postpartum support. We felt 100% heard, valued, and supported. Lastly, she is an incredible advocate and ensured that I was treated with the utmost dignity and respect. If you’re looking for a doula, hire Casey.

Lauren B

We were so lucky to have Casey as our pre, during, and post doula. Not only does Casey know her stuff, she's also the coolest, most down to earth, amazing person. She did all the things you expect from a doula - guiding us through the early stages of labor, helping us with comfort measures when things got harder, and working with our midwife to facilitate a "speedy" and efficient delivery. But then there's the "above and beyond" that really sets her apart. From seemingly little details - like helping us park the car by the emergency room when we misinterpreted the hospital directions, to grabbing us breakfast in the morning after the birth, to bigger things like requesting the best RN at GWU, and taking (my favorite) photos of the delivery, she really had our backs in every way imaginable.

Allison D

On the day of our daughter's birth we were fortunate enough to have Casey as our doula. We honestly could not have asked for a better doula/person to go through this experience with. Casey was warm, encouraging, and clearly born to be a doula. She helped me labor at home for as long as possible and once it was time to go to the hospital she took charge. She was familiar with the hospital (WHC), managed hospital staff, worked hand and hand with our midwife, and suggested various things my husband could do that were both helpful and meaningful during the birth. Casey was able to strike the perfect balance between compassion and motivation. Her involvement did not stop when our daughter was born. Casey followed-up with us for weeks after to check in. She is simply THE. BEST.

Lauren M

TL;DR Casey is an INCREDIBLE doula and you should hire her right now. She saved me from a c-section that I most certainly would have had without her. She is also an all around wonderful human.

I can definitively say that hiring Casey was the best decision I made during my entire pregnancy. As a first time mom, I knew I wanted a doula (I had read about the many benefits and reduced medical interventions) but wasn’t sure how to choose one. I came across a profile on Casey online and decided she would be a great fit.

From our first meeting, I knew I made the right choice. Casey worked through all of my questions during pregnancy and helped me shape my birth plan. She noticed that the birth I wanted didn’t align with my current practice. I already had a lot of doubts surrounding my original OB practice but didn’t have anyone give me as solid advice as she did. She put me in contact with a former client to help me decide if a different path better aligned with the birth I wanted. At 36.5 weeks pregnant, I decided to change from an OB to a midwife. Casey didn't push me in any certain direction but gave me the tools to acquire the information to make the choice (and I am SO glad I did).

The day I went into labor, Casey was the calm presence I needed. She took my slightly panicked 4am phone call after my water broke and helped me stay calm while laboring at home peacefully. She checked in often and helped when labor started to stall. She sent over a few suggestions and we quickly got labor going again.

Once I arrived at the hospital, she met us there and helped us get settled. The whole time, she made me feel at ease and safe. Casey suggested laboring positions, made sure I hydrated, and advocated for me with the staff. As I labored, all I can remember Casey saying is, "It's working." It was just the advice I needed. When I wasn't sure I could continue, she told me I could. When I wanted to quit, she wouldn't let me.

My partner was also incredibly grateful for Casey. She noticed when he needed to step away, get a snack, and helped direct him to better comfort me.

Unexpectedly, Casey took amazing pictures when the baby was born (which I had no idea she was doing). It was the best surprise to get those pictures and they still make me choke up.

Following the birth, she helped me establish breastfeeding and gave me so much confidence heading into that first day as a mom. I was so sad to see her leave.

Casey is an amazing doula. Birth doesn't have to be traumatic and Casey helped ensure my labor was not. I wish all birthing people could experience labor with a doula (especially Casey)!


Mandy P

Casey made it to the hospital fast and it was as if a longtime friend was walking through the door. During my high stress birth where my baby was coming 5 weeks early and my husband was a LONG plane ride away, she managed to keep me calm, comfortable and laughing. One of the first things she did was get me food and coffee, which was not a priority when I left my home in a panic a couple hours earlier. She also helped me navigate the hospital experience. Casey helped me walk the halls during contractions, explained different procedures, supported me physically and emotionally. She was a godsend. Not to mention, the nursing staff loved Caseyand was very impressed by her.

Despite being nearly fully dilated and wanting a natural birth, I ended up getting the epidural because of the baby's painful positioning. Casey supported my decision and after the birth validated why I made the right choice, which is something a new mom needs after having a stressful, painful birth. Having Casey there with me was invaluable. 

In the end, my husband missed the birth by about five hours. I am OK with it because of the beautiful experience Casey helped create for me with the birth of our daughter. Plus, she's been available for me by text/phone ever since. 

Liz P

Casey supported the birth of my second child in April 2019, via her work with another agency. My first birth was without a doula, and I suffered so badly because of it -- in the delivery, the days & months after, and in the period of planning for my second child. I was so afraid of childbirth that I waited almost four years to try again. I set out to do everything differently with baby number two, and engaging a doula was one of the best choices I made to ensure a better birth outcome for me and my baby.

From the minute my labor began with baby number two, I felt the immediate difference of engaging a professional to support me and hold my hand. Casey's voice on the other end of the phone assured me that it was wonderful and exciting news that my labor had begun, and I felt ready knowing that she was in my corner.

Once we arrived at the hospital, I knew instantly that we were truly in good hands. Casey knew almost all of our nurses and doctors by name, and it was clear that she was well-respected by all of the hospital staff. The impersonal and sterile process of "checking in" for birth felt less scary as Casey calmly walked us through the procedures and helped keep the mood light and bright -- even at 2 AM.

As my labor began in earnest, I could hardly believe that I had my own, personal guide to walk me through breathing exercises and different positions to weather my contractions. With baby number one, I was alone in a room with my husband -- wondering what we'd gotten ourselves into as we passively watched the monitors in fear. But with Casey's calm, quiet confidence (and humor!) guiding my labor, I was able to be an active participant in my baby's birth -- and remained focused and motivated to see my birth plan through.

Casey kept my "white coat" anxiety at bay with her ability to translate doctor/nurse information in a calm and straightforward way as my labor advanced and the OB's visits became more frequent. I was terrified of needing medical intervention and wanted to do everything to avoid it. Casey was able to manipulate my body to help labor along, and to guide the baby into position when they presented in the posterior position. Even the nurses marveled at Casey's deft maneuvering of my legs and body to re-position the baby before delivery -- without medical intervention.

Casey encouraged me with a fierceness so whole that I believed her even when I doubted myself. My second birth experience was a success, I am certain, because of Casey.

Heidi L

When my husband and I finally decided to have another baby after the very tough first birth of our daughter we knew we needed all the information, resources, and support we could get. Our first was born via C-section and I wanted nothing more than to have a successful VBAC.  Casey was incredibly informative, supportive, and friendly. She gave me the tools I needed to remain calm and I achieved the birth that I wanted! I couldn’t have done it without her and I’m so incredibly grateful to this amazing group of women. Thank you all so much for the work you do.

Gliseda P

Casey exceeded my expectations. She was thoroughly and completely committed to supporting me during my 24-hour labor. She was both coach and teammate. She constantly provided ideas, instruction, and hands-on support to help me with positions and comfort measures during labor. She made sure that I asked good questions of the medical staff to enable me to make decisions that I was comfortable with. She supported my partner, enabling him to better support me. And she did so with a sense of humor and acceptance that erased my self-consciousness and thoroughly put me at ease for the duration of a difficult labor with some unexpected twists and turns. It would have been a dramatically different experience without Casey there, and with her assistance we were able to joyfully welcome our daughter into the world.

Gloria M

Before my wife was pregnant I didn't know what a doula was. Now I believe they're indispensable. We were blessed to have been placed with Casey who by a lucky coincidence was our pregnancy prep instructor and conducted our pre-birth visit. She calmly and knowledgeably answered our questions from the most complex to the most mundane, and was an excellent repository of "on the ground" information. When my wife's water broke she advised us on how to double check and was waiting at the hospital before we even arrived. My wife's labor and delivery took 23(!) hours and every step of the way Casey was calm, supportive and had seemingly boundless energy and good humor. While the baby would have come way one or another, Casey kept both our nerves from fraying and guided us to a successful delivery. Thank you ever so much. -J&J


Casey was an excellent doula and has my wife's and my whole-hearted recommendation. We had a complicated delivery--4 days of labor followed by an emergency C-section--and throughout it all, Casey was there with a steadying, informed, and friendly presence. She provided context, helped us understand and weigh options (while always leaving decision-making up to us), and generally was a dependable and wonderful partner throughout the process. You can't do better than Casey.

Henry P

Casey was amazing. I felt like we couldn’t have done it without her. She was very professional and reassuring as she guided us through different positions at the hospital. It was a pleasure working with her.

Diana K

We gave birth to our first child in March 2018 with Casey as our doula in Virginia Hospital Center. Our scheduled induction started Wednesday night, and our child arrived early Friday morning. Even though it was very early in the labor process, Casey came to calm our nerves Thursday late morning. She talked us through the labor process and talked through the anxieties I’d been feeling. Casey was great; she made sure we were comfortable, hydrated and informed throughout the process. During the long wait for dilation, Casey walked me through what I’d do with breathing and pushing when the right time came. In addition, she had me in stitches with her stories and jokes taking my mind off the waiting and the contractions. When I was fully dilated, I pushed for 2.5 hours. Casey worked with the nurses to support me through the entire time; she literally helped me maneuver my body to help get ready and held my legs up during pushing. After my daughter arrived, Casey captured the first pictures of her and sent them to us. We treasure these pictures. I cannot imagine having gone through labor without her steady, cheerful support.

Jessica L

Thanks to Casey, our SUV still has that "new car smell." Everyone told us that second babies can come fast. It’s not that we didn’t believe them, but after 40+ hours of labor with our first child, we thought that “fast” would be around 20 hours. Well, it ended up being a very fast 6 hours, and we are so thankful that Casey was there to guide us! When I went into labor, I worked through early contractions at home for a few hours, and we called Casey when they started to get more intense. She came over and after supporting me for a few minutes and asking questions, she strongly suggested that we get to the hospital. My husband and I both thought that this was probably premature, but knowing that she was the expert, we followed her lead. Well, thank goodness Casey was there because that baby sure came fast! She would definitely have been born in the hallway of the hospital (at best) or our car (at worst) had we not had Casey to insist that we head to the hospital when we did. If you’re a second-time mom-to-be wondering if you really need a doula this time around, I strongly recommend it. And I strongly recommend Casey. You couldn’t ask for a better birth support partner. Plus, she has a great sense of humor!

Liz L

Casey was extraordinary! She didnt only help me to stay calm and focus but she was also of great help to my husband and mom which where with me the whole time. 
She made me feel confident and that I could trust her from the minute she came into the room. Not to say that she arrived very quickly after we called her. 
She was also really helpful before and after my baby was born.


I don’t know what we would have done without her. I had had an easy pregnancy, was very active and healthy, and was planning for a natural birth, ideally with little to no interventions. However, I was diagnosed with cholestatis at 40 weeks and my midwife team advised induction. From the get-go, Casey’s support was invaluable. She walked us through the various induction options and what they all meant, so that when I arrived at the hospital I already felt calmer, more informed and prepared for what was to come. Casey helped us at every step of the way, knowing what equipment/supplies to ask for (birthing balls, good pillows etc), setting up the lighting (she brought us twinkly lights!), and generally making us feel as comfortable as possible. Throughout the next 36 hours, through painful contractions, additional diagnoses of severe pre-eclampsia, and prolonged labor (baby’s head was positioned badly) Casey provided us with advice, and physical and emotional support that went above and beyond. She helped me into a myriad of positions to ease the pain and help move baby, working closely with my midwife team at every step. She talked me through each contraction when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, and got us that little bit further along. She guided my husband on how to help me at each step of the way – in the shower, in the tub, on all fours…. Without Casey there, we would have felt quite bewildered and we just wouldn’t have had the wherewithal to remember and correctly act out all those positions we’d learned in our birthing class! After this experience I’m 100% sold. Everyone should have a doula! From the depths of our hearts, thank you Casey


Charlotte D

Casey was the best! I think our birth story would have been very different without her support. I went into labor at 9pm on a Thursday evening. We chatted throughout the night, and she came to our home around 4 or 5am. She encouraged me to stay at home for a little while longer, and by the time we checked in to the hospital, I was 5cm dilated. I swear her hip squeezes got me through the entire thing! When my water broke while I was in the hydrotherapy tub, it was Casey who recognized that my son had passed meconium in labor, and informed the nurses and midwives so they could be prepared. She was extremely supportive to both me and my husband (and my parents who ended up in the delivery room as well). Physically, I felt like I needed all hands on deck, and emotionally, it was nice to have someone there other than just my husband, to offer him some relief as well. I don't think I could've gotten through an unmedicated birth without the support of my husband AND a doula. I will recommend Casey to anyone!!

Elizabeth T

My husband and I highly recommend Casey to anyone looking for a doula. She was such a calming presence before, during and after labor, and in the several times we met before and after birth she always responded comprehensively and knowledgably to our questions. When I had pre-labor contractions throughout the night, she patiently described what was likely going on, even though I woke her at 3 am. At the birth, although I had intended to use an epidural, I ended up not using one for a variety of reasons, which made for a very intense experience as I hadn’t mentally prepared for a birth without medicated pain relief (or spent much time learning about coping with the late stages of labor). However, Casey talked and physically guided me through all of it. She also helped show my husband how he could best support me through the pain. She took command of the situation but also responded to how I was feeling in the moment. Since the birth of our daughter, she has continued to check in, and provide helpful recommendations for getting through the challenging first post-partum weeks. She has definitely found her calling in life, as will be apparent to any mother lucky enough to have her with her through her birth.

Andrea G

We simply cannot imagine navigating what we now know of our birth story without Casey's guidance. While the meetings & check-ins were great while I was pregnant, my birth story really begins when my induction was scheduled at 42 weeks & I sat on the phone crying to Casey while she explained to me what was most likely going to transpire. She listened to me, told me it was okay to be upset & encouraged me that everything was STILL going to be great & I was going to get a baby, which was the goal! I think she sensed my fragile state of emotions & made sure that she was going to be with us at the induction, coming in at the crack of dawn to get us settled (& setting up the cutest breakfast table to make us comfortable!) & then coming back later when labor actually started. While all signs pointed to me having an uncomplicated, natural delivery, baby had other plans, & we ended up having to make a lot of decisions & endure some very scary moments before we met our son. Having Casey there was beyond integral to our experience, as she was calm & level-headed, able to explain things to us and make us feel like we weren't the first parents to go through this situation even at 3am when my husband was falling asleep standing up & I could barely form a sentence between contractions. Casey supported us in our decision making processes & had a great repertoire with the staff of the hospital, which created an incredible dynamic in the labor & delivery room, especially when things got intense. After our birth, having our doula come over & walk us through our birth story was an amazingly healing & emotional process, as she broke down the events of the birth to us. She filled in so many blanks for us & helped us process the entire 48 hours of labor - Many things were news to me! We are so grateful for Casey being a part of our birth story!


Kelsey B

I was so grateful that Casey was a part of my birth experience and cannot recommend her enough.  I loved Casey's attitude from the moment I met her at the meet the doulas event.  She was friendly and knowledgeable but also just generally personable and enjoyable to be around.
I called her at 5 am to say that I thought I was in labor.  As a first time mom, I was so anxious and felt like I had no idea what was going on.  She was great at providing information and support about the process as it progressed and did a fabulous job of helping me stay calm.  My labor progressed unusually quickly, and she jumped in the car at a moment's notice to come meet us at the hospital.  My goal was to try to have a completely natural birth.  I almost caved and asked for an epidural in the few minutes I was at the hospital before she arrived.  However, once she got there, she was able to help me stay calm and manage the pain so that in the end, I was able to have the natural birth that I wanted.  (She gives the most amazing back massages.  I don't think I would have survived without those during my contractions).  My husband also really enjoyed working with Casey.  When we got to the hospital, I never even went to triage, and he didn't even get to go back to the car to get my labor bag.  He said he was really grateful that Casey made him feel included in the birth process so that he could be part of my support system, even when he didn't get the chance to use any of the resources that he had planned on.  She also balanced being really respectful of giving us enough space to bond as a family as soon as my son was born but also accompanying us until we felt settled into my room.  She even continued to check-in with us after the birth to make sure were were adjusting well.

Elly H

From our very first phone call, Casey was open and engaged and supportive - it was clear that she loved this work, and also that she was interested in hearing what my husband and I specifically needed and in working with us as an individual family. She was also flexible throughout, coming to see us for an extra in-person meeting before our birth and helping us with additional resources after our son arrived.
But what matters most of course is the birth itself -- and I honestly could not be happier with how wonderfully Casey supported us! She was exactly the presence that I needed - good, practical ideas to help things go well (from 'it might help if I put pressure here' to 'get your shoes on, it's time to go.. now!'), very very good listening and being extremely responsive to what I was asking for and needed, and then just this reassuring and loving and solid presence that made me feel so supported and taken care of in a way that made it easier for me to do what my body needed. My husband also especially appreciated that she made it easier for him to be helpful - giving him some good specific ideas for how he could best support me.
Casey met us at our house near the beginning of my labor, and stayed with us until after we were settled in our room after delivery (including making a run out to bring us breakfast). We're very grateful to have had Casey with us throughout - I'm so lucky to have had her on my birth team!

Emily B

I was so blessed to have Casey with me during my delivery! 
I had a difficult 20 hour induced labor and she helped me cope and not lose control. On top  of that she made sure I was as comfortable as possible throughout the process, kept my husband involved and worked together with the hospital staff to make sure me and my baby were ok. 
She was warm, understanding, professional, available and friendly at all times.
I can't say enough nice things about her! Both my husband and I were very impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and Approach.
I recommend Casey 100%

Daniella D

We were trying for a VBAC and decided that having a doula would give us the support we needed and empower us this time around.  We were right!  Casey worked with us and was phenomenal.  (We met all of the other doulas in the apprentice program and would have been comfortable with any of them --  we were just lucky that Casey was on call when we went in to labor.)  Casey is knowledgeable, supportive in all the right ways without being controlling, and has a kind yet direct demeanor that served us well at several key junctures.  Casey assured us through every stage of the labor and delivery process and was instrumental in the success of our VBAC -- without any pain relief medication! -- including by applying counter pressure in all the right places and at the right times and communicating with the nurse about how to help with positioning the baby for delivery.  We never thought we would deliver our second baby without an epidural or that we would have such a smooth VBAC but we did and in large part due to Casey's presence and influence.  Casey knows Sibley Hospital (where we delivered) and many of the nurses there as well as many of the OBs in our large DC practice.  Having someone by our side who has been in so many births and who was focused on helping us was reassuring.  The money we spent on hiring a doula was totally worth it.


Meena S

Casey was amazing from beginning to end! She truly went above and beyond throughout our entire experience with her: from our prenatal meeting and the birthing class, to the phone calls in the weeks leading up to my due date and the birth of my son, to our postpartum meeting, and continuing to check in on us days later.) 

I felt completely supported and cared for throughout the birth of my son. Casey worked tirelessly to advocate for me and to work with the wonderful GW L&D department for HOURS! Not only did she support me, but she helped my husband by giving him tangible things to do to help me through labor!

I could not be more impressed. I don't know how women give birth without a Doula. I told Casey that I would not consider having another baby unless she would be my Doula again!

Anne G

My birth experience was completely different from what I had planned and my hospital experience was pretty terrible - I was so grateful that Casey was there to advocate for me when I needed it, take a backseat when I was able to stand up for myself, and explain things that the doctors and nurses didn't bother explaining. I didn't end up laboring at all, and instead had a mostly unplanned C-section, so I wasn't sure whether we could still use a doula, but Casey was there with me while my husband had to stay with my son in the NICU, and she was the one who suggested I turn my phone off and get some sleep because I was so stressed out and exhausted. She kept calm throughout the entire ordeal and stayed at the hospital until my son was able to leave the NICU. It was wonderful to have someone there who had been through it before and was devoted to helping me feel comfortable, since the nurses on call were not always friendly and were always rushing out of the room after a few minutes. 

Casey was great about following up for the postpartum visit and kept reaching out even though I was not doing a great job responding. She was patient and willing to wait for a time that worked for me. The postpartum visit was very relaxed and was a good chance to debrief and try to understand everything that had happened. Casey also made sure to ask for feedback and constructive criticism at this visit. She is clearly devoted to improving her own practice and serving her clients as well as she can. Since that visit, she has reached out several more times to make sure I'm ok and to share some resources. I would definitely use this group again for my next birth experience! My one regret is that I didn't get a photo of Casey holding my son at our postpartum visit.  

Maya W

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